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Hawaii is unlike any other State. It's almost like visiting a foreign country. Hawaii has a multi-racial, multi-ethnic culture. Its society is a melting pot of the various races that have made their way to the islands: the Polynesians, the Caucasians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Filipinos and many more.

Nowhere else in the U.S. can you experience this wonderful mix of people. The native Hawaiian people, descendants of the ancient Polynesian voyagers, have a proud culture of their own which has seen a rebirth in recent years. Hawaiian music has never been stronger nor more popular world-wide. The aloha spirit is much more than just an expression. It is, for many, a way of life.

Many people think of Hawaii solely as a tropical beach paradise. Without question, Hawaii has many of the world's top rated beaches. In addition, however, Hawaii has an amazingly diverse ecology which includes remote canyons, coral reefs, desert-like terrain, lush valleys, snow-capped mountains, rainforests, active and dormant volcanoes and countless waterfalls.

The types of activities and attractions that you can experience in Hawaii vary from island to island. You'll soon learn that, while all of the Hawaiian islands were born from Madame Pele, the goddess of Hawaii's volcanoes, each island is quite different from the others, and each has its own unique charm.

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