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Atel Hotel Lasserhof, salzburg, .
salzburg Vacation Bed & Breakfast Add To Your Favorites
Bedrooms: 23 Bathrooms: 23 Sleeps: 0Type: Bed & Breakfast
The ?LASSERHOF? is a, individual four-star-hotel in the center of Salzburg.Take advantage of the personal service we grant all our guests in a family atmosphere but still at the highest international .... Read More


Located in the heart of Europe, Austria has welcomed guests for centuries, and its fantastic geographic location helps make Austria a fascinating combination of many European cultures as well as one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations. Austria offers its visitors breathtaking scenery (more than half of the country is covered by the Alps, the Danube region, Austria’s lake districts), over a thousand years of history and tradition, and above all, music. In Austria, it seems that music mirrors the almost melodious beauty of the land. For centuries, music has been both an integral part of everyday life and the crowning glory of special occasions. There is hardly a country that is similarly bountiful in both folk and classical music as Austria. And there is no other country that has made such enormous musical contributions to the world or had such an enduring influence on the international musical scene as has Austria over the course of its long and distinctive history.

Austria and several other European countries have adopted the EURO as their official currenvy. Cash and travelers checks can be exchanged at the giong market rate at any bank. We do not advise to exchange money at hotels or other stores, which usually give you a lower rate. The best rate, in fact, may be obtained by withdrawing money from your bank account via an ATM linked to one of the international networks.

Austria's official language is German which is spoken with a variety of different dialects in the county. English is by far the most prevalent second language. Most Austrians have at least a rudimentary understanding of English and a majority, in fact, speak it quite well, especially people working in hotels or restaurants.

Austria's cuisine is influenced by hundreds of years of a melting pot empire and each region boasts its own specialties. Enjoying a meal in Austria can be a wonderful experience, not matter your price range. Every city has its share of fancy gourmet restaurants but at the other end of the spectrum is a typically Austrian tradition: the wuerstl (sausage) stands which dot the streets and squares where you can select from several local variations that put the American hotdog to shame. If you prefer not to eat on the run, but still want a tasty bargain meal, check out the beisl, restaurants which feature hearty fare. Or visit a heuriger (wine tavern) for a sampling of new wines and food specialties to complement them.

Austria offers the riches of Europe in a nutshell: spectacular vistas, Alpine splendor, pulsating nightlife, sophisticated shopping, classical culture and culinary adventure. And not to forget: Austria is the cradle of Alpine skiing - and skiing is a way of life in the country of any skier's dreams. Austria has been a favored travel destination for more than a thousand years and we would like to introduce you to Austria, its Imperial Cities and Alpine Splendor, and possibly whet your appetite to get to know more about it all.

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