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Oceanfront Cabana, Sandy Bay, Roatan Island
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Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 1 Sleeps: 4-6Type: Villa
This charming cabana allows you to simply walk out the door to watch and listen to the Caribbean waves wash in.... as you will be the oceanfront unit in a tastefully landscaped complex.

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The Caribbean offers the best in everything from adventure to cruising and carnivals. In the great historical sweep of exploration and migration of the past 500 years, the Caribbean played a central role in proving beyond doubt Christopher Columbus' theory that the world was round. That fact triggered an explosion of trade that changed the economic and political structures of the world. Older civilizations of the Americas, from the Carib Indians who gave our region its name to the Mayans of the American mainland, had already been attracted by the physical beauty, fertile soil and mineral wealth of our islands and have left astonishing reminders of their time.

At the highest levels of achievement, there are Nobel prize winners for literature - Derek Walcott of St. Lucia, Octavio Paz of Mexico, Saint-John Perse of Guadeloupe and Sir V. S. Naipaul of Trinidad. And for economics Sir Arthur Lewis of St. Lucia and Alfonso Garcia Robles of Mexico.The Caribbean has also produced some of the world's most renowned artists, musicians and novelists, such as Trinidad's V S Naipaul.

Travelers to the Caribbean have become part of our history by finding inspiration and insight here. Famous incomers include Gauguin, Hemingway, Graham Greene and Nöel Coward - and you can visit the Caribbean retreats where they lived and worked today.

In a generous tropical climate, the accidents of geology and the action of ocean on land have bequeathed today’s eco-tourists a dazzling Eden of color, shape and scent. Those with special areas of interest can take advantage of tailor-made trips arranged by tour companies, hotels or national tourism offices. The establishment of national parks and nature reserves on land and at sea ensure that there are unrivalled opportunities to enjoy the fauna and flora of our unique lands.

Our landscapes range from volcanic mountains, lakes and limestone cliffs to lush green hills, mangrove swamps, deserts and forests. There are outstanding rain forest retreats on the islands of Trinidad, Dominica and Puerto Rico. On the mainland, there are spectacular national parks: Venezuela has no fewer than 43, while 40 per cent of the country is protected in both Mexico and Belize.The Caribbean Sea and its massive walls of coral are vibrant with life, home to sharks, barracuda, swordfish, marlin, dolphin, porpoise and turtle. The variety of the Caribbean’s natural world is rich and endless.

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