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Indonesia consist of of many islands for more than 17,000 islands spread across 5,120 km of the tropical ocean. Its position is between Asia and Australia, four-fifths of the area is occupied by the sea, with the major islands of : Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, Sulawesi and Irian Jaya . Dotted with volcanoes, covered with thick tropical rainforest and bright green rice fields, and surrounded by coral reefs, make this archipelago is one of the world's most beautiful places. There are lots of beautiful and places which safe to visit. Its wayang puppets, unearthly gamelan music, exquisite textiles, matchless and varied cuisines, ancient ruins and historical sites, nature reserves, and friendly people make this country is one of Asia's finest travel discoveries.

Most of the highest mountain are volcanoes, except the Mount Carstensz Pyramid 4884 M & Mount Trikora 4.740M in Irian Jaya. Some of the world's most famous volcanoes are : Mt.Kerinci 3.805 M the highest volcano in Indonesia and South East Asia; Mt.Semeru 3.676 M the highest volcano in Java island with it's sister peak Mt.Bromo; Mt.Rinjani 3.726 M in Lombok Island, and also Mt.Latimojong 3.438 M in Sulawesi island. Those mountain and peaks above makes this country is the perfect place for mountain climbing and trekking.

This archipelago amazingly rich in animal and plant life, it has at least 28,000 species of flora , 3,500 species of fauna and 600 reefs species. Orangutan, tigers, one horned rhinos, elephants, dugongs, Tarsius - the smallest monkey in the world, Komodo dragons and the Giant "Leatherback"sea turtle (Dermoelys Coriacea) - one of the world's largest reptiles and the surviving largest turtle, with a maximun length of about two meters and weight up to over 550 kg - are the proud of this country.

Of approximately 1,500 bird species world-wide, 430 are found in this country and nowhere else. There are peacocks, pheasants, partridges, turkey-sized pigeons, and jungle fowl who incubate their eggs in volcanic steam. Black ibis fly in V-formations, the blue-crowned hanging parrot of the Riaus emist sharp penetrating notes, the glossy black talking mynah of Nias mimics gibbons, and the rhinoceros hornbill of the Kalimantan jungle cackles gleefully with human-like laughter. The spectacular Wilson's Bird of Paradise could only be seen in Batanta Island, Irian Jaya.

The most expedient way to view plant and animal life is to visit one of its nature reserves. An outstanding reserve is Ujung Kulon National Park in far western Java, where you might see wild cattle, rusa, leopards, gibbons, and one of the last remaining Javan rhinos. The largest reserves is the mighty 900,000-hectare Gunung Leuser National Park of nothern Sumatra, which still marks extensive tractrs of land as "unexplored". Other national park which conntribute to preserve the diversity of the flora and fauna are : Kerinci Seblat National Park (Sumatra), Gede Pangrango National Park(Java), Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park (Java), Betung Kerihun National Park (Kalimantan).

Besides on land, deep down the sea, there are more than hundred marine species as a part of the archipelago's treasure. Several popular diving sites are: Derawan, Sangalaki, Kakaban, Maratua, Menjangan island, Tulamben, Bunaken, Lembeh Straits, Banggai Island, Togean Island, Wakatobi, Raja Ampat Islands, Gili Islands in Lombok, and Komodo. You can visit and the explore those beautiful and peaceful places by cruising with the famous Indonesian traditional wooden boat, the Phinisi, equipped with all necessary safety equipment and facilities that will makes your trip really comfort and safe.

This country is rich with culture with 250 - 300 ethnic groups live here. The scattered island of with its hundreds of ethnic groups, offer collection of traditional textiles, exciting primitive art, antiques, woodcarving, stonecarving, metalcrafts. The major ethnic groups are : Minangkabaunese, Javanese, Balinese, Sundanese, Buginese. More than 200 Dayak tribes live in the island of Kalimantan. The true 'people of the jungle' : the Dani, Lani and Yali, Asmat and Karowai tribes live in central highland of Baliem Valley in Irian Jaya.

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