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We welcome travel related sites to trade links with us and be listed in the 1000 Top Vacation Rentals Travel Guide.

Trading links now has become very important for the success of a web site. Most search engines will only rank a site at the tip of its results listings if the site is deemed to be "popular". To be deemed popular a site will have other sites linking to it. The more sites that link to your site, then the more popular your site is.

The simplest way to achieve popularity is to trade links with other sites. That is what the Travel Guide is about, please place a link to 1000 Top Vacation Rentals at your site either on a dedicated links page, or your home page, or any well trafficked page where visitors will see it at your site. Then fill out the form below, and submit it to us. We will visit your site, confirm the links, and then add your site to the Travel Guide. Once you have traded links, you should find your site not only will get traffic from our site, but also should get more traffic from search engines too.

Note: Sites that provide Accommodations or Vacation Rentals services will be listed under Accommodations Links only. Sites that exchange links which are in the same industry or "theme" get higher rankings with the search engines for the key words that describe their industry. How this works is that the search engine examines the meta tag showing the title of the page where it finds your link and compares it to your theme, if it matches you get more benefit. For instance if your site is a "bed and breakfast" and the title of the page that has a link to your site is "Bed and Breakfast Links" your site will get much more benefit than if the title of the page is "Links 1" or "Page 2".

Our accommodations links pages are titled "Bed and Breakfasts", "Hotels", "Timeshares" and "Vacation Rentals". We also have more specific regional vacation rentals titles, such as "California Vacation Rentals", "Bahamas Vacation Rentals", "Orlando Vacation Homes", etc. Thus they provide the greatest benefit and improved popularity for your accommodations site when you trade links with us.

If you place the link to on a page and that page contains within the first 8 words of the title, one or more of the phrases "Vacation Rentals", "Travel Guides", "Vacation Rental", or "Travel Guide" , then your listing will be listed on a page titled with your sites theme. If your links page title does not have any of the following words, then the link to your site will be placed on our page which is only titled Links.

Please place one of the following links on your page

Text Link

It will look like this:

1000 Top Vacation Rentals and Travel Guides
Vacation rentals directory listing worldwide holiday home, condo, chalet, and villa accommodations. Plus Travel Guides for choosing, planning, and booking your next trip.

The code looks like this. Just copy then past into your html pages.

Image Link

It will look like this:

1000 top Vacation rentals travel guides
1000 Top Vacation Rentals
and Travel Guides

The code looks like this. Just copy, then past into your html page.

Add / Update Site To 1000 Top Vacation Rentals Travel Guides
Title of Site
Suggested Category for Your Site
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Any questions? Email to:

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