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General FAQ
General Frequently Asked Questions

1000 Top Vacation Rentals and Travel Guide is made up of two sections. Vacation Rental listings , and a Travel Guide & Directory of  links to travel information sites. Travelers are welcome to visit and use the resources of this site free of charge.

The  Vacation Rental listings are comprised of listings from property owners and managers worldwide, that offer wonderful homes, condominums, townhouses, chalets, ranches, apartments and many other property types for vacationers to enjoy that "Home away from Home" feeling when they travel. Property owners and managers are invited to list their properties here for a small annual fee. Click here to Open an Account .

The Travel Guide is comprised of links to websites that we have found and visited that we believe travelers may find of value and an interesting read. Travelers are welcome to check out these links to prepare their trips and decide on the destinations they will visit on their holiday. Convenient links to vacation rental listings at those destinations are provided to allow the traveler to find his ideal place to stay.  Webmasters of travel related sites are welcome to propose their site for inclusion in the Travel Guide free of charge. Click here to Trade Links .

What are the Terms and Conditions of using 1000 Top Vacation Rentals?

In plain speak, our service is to list listings or rental properties and links to travel sites.. We have no control over the content of the web sites we link to, nor control the veracity of the listings submitted to us, nor have control of the actions of the visitors, rentors, landlords etc. We take no responsibility to what happens between them. Users of this web site are solely responsible for their actions and choices. Click here for more details of the Terms and Conditions.

How can I list my vacation rental property?

1. Open an Account .  

We will ask you to provide your email address, and contact information. Then we will send you a password so that you
can log in as an Advertiser. The contact information you provide will be used to contact you for billing and when there are booking inquiries regarding your listing.  If you have multiple properties to list, then all can be sumitted under the one account making it easier for you to manage your multiple listings. click here to Open an Account

2. Submit your Property Details
Login as an Advertiser, then click on Add Property. Here a one page form asks you to describe the details of your property. Multiple property owners can repeat the last step and add additional properties.

4. Pay

Login as an Advertiser, then click on Pay For Listing. You can pay online using your credit card (the fastest way to get your listing visible) or you can print out an order form and mail it to us.

5. Send us photographs of your property. Up to 6 will be published with the listing. You can send these via postal mail, email, or computer to computer. There is no need to scan or do anything with the photos you can send us regular snapshots and our technicians will do the rest. However if you already have scanned images these are perfectly acceptable to us.

Finally, if you have any problems setting up your account or have any questions, comments or feedback, please contact me personally, via email to or telephone toll free at 1-800-806-3210.

Fred Wahl

How Can I get my travel website included in the Travel Guide ?

Travel sites that provide valuable content to visitors are welcome to be included in the Travel Guide free of charge.Click here for details of how to apply and trade links

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